Tocci & Associates, Inc - Truck Driver Recruiting since 1997
Tocci & Associates, Inc - Truck Driver Recruiting since 1997

Lou Tocci / Pres - Tocci & Assoc, Inc

 (470) 228-2125 Text/cell  always reachable    (770) 965-6000 

1-(470) 468-9075 FAX

(email) or

"Big Lou rippin' out a jazz solo"

Meet " the associates"

Big Lou's  associates, their job is to make sure all drivers safely get to orientation,

either in the' trunk or the backseat.

Dis' way, we can feel good about giving yooz' guys a choice.

All kidding aside, please call me if you have any questions.

Take Care & God Bless, always.. Lou (770) 965-6000

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"Big Lou" Text/cell (470) 228-2125 or 770-965-6000